Tuesday, December 31, 2019


The Pokepatchwork is in! And the only thing I don't adore about my shirt is that you have to pop the collar to see all the Vulpixes (Vulpix? Vulpices?) I agonized for ages over where to place each fabric, knowing only that the shirt itself would be Weepinbell. There was no way to tell which other piece would allow each Vulpix to be fully visible, since that pattern is particularly spread-out and varied, and also includes the berries and stones...alas that didn't happen, and you do have to unfold it to see most of all of them. As feared, too many stupid berries & stones on the unpopped exterior; they should've flipped it. Doubtful it would've been much better elsewhere, and you'd have been taking the same gamble...probably worse...the outer collar seemed like the best bet. Disappointed in how that fabric was cut and used; obviously you should make every effort to showcase all the actual Pokemon in the pattern as much as possible. Speaking of which, the row with the Ninetales faces really shouldn't have been cut in half, but at least with that one it's basically symmetrical so you can mentally put two halves together. Delighted with the Weepinbell, Vileplume, Victreebel, and Exeggutor sections. Well, Victreebel could be centered too, but again, the leaf that's cut off is clearly visible on the other side. And you get bonus Yanma & Ledyba. :p

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Best Stuff on Disney+

*Almost the entire Disney Animated Canon+all of its related productions+Pixar films (see below)
The Incredible Journey
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco
The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue
The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars
Frankenweenie (both!)
An Extremely Goofy Movie
Mickey's Christmas Carol
Mickey's Once (+Twice) Upon a Christmas
Pooh's Grand Adventure (&
Tigger Movie, A Very Merry Pooh Year, etc.)
DuckTales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Hocus Pocus
Honey We Shrunk Ourselves
Jungle 2 Jungle

The Ugly Dachshund
Greyfriars Bobby
Old Yeller
The Biscuit Eater
Darby O'Gill & the Little People
Bedknobs & Broomsticks
Mary Poppins
Alice in Wonderland (Burton)

The Santa Clause trilogy
Recess: School's Out
Operation Dumbo Drop
The Simpsons Movie ;D
102 Dalmatians
Mickey's Three Musketeers
I'll Be Home For Christmas
Cool Runnings
Blackbeard's Ghost
The Absent-Minded Professor (& Flubber!)
The Shaggy Dog/D.A.
The Love Bug (& Herbie sequels)
National Treasure & NT 2: Book of Secrets
The 6 Tinker Bell films
All the Muppet ones
Home Alone 1-3 (esp. #3, which we own and watched the most)

Into the Woods (but be SURE to watch the DVD/VHS recording of the original Broadway cast w/ Bernadette Peters)
Return to Oz
Big Business

*Animated Canon (& the related productions listed on Wiki):
Oliver and Company, Lady and the Tramp, A Goofy Movie, The Little Mermaid, Frozen, The Lion King, The Fox and the Hound, Fantasia, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, One Hundred and One Dalmatians, Hercules, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Emperor's New Groove, James & the Giant Peach, The Great Mouse Detective, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Sword in the Stone, Cinderella, Dumbo, Mulan, Pocahontas, Alice in Wonderland, The Jungle Book, The Rescuers Down Under, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Tarzan, Tangled, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Fantasia 2000, The Rescuers, Treasure Planet, Wreck-It Ralph, The Aristocats, The Black Cauldron, Bambi, Home on the Range, Robin Hood, Big Hero Six, Moana, The Princess and the Frog, Melody Time, Fun and Fancy Free, Make Mine Music, The Three Caballeros, Saludos Amigos, Winnie the Pooh
*Pixar: Finding Nemo/Dory, Brave, Monsters University, Monsters Inc., The Incredibles (1+2), the 3 Cars, the Toy Stories, A Bug's Life, et. al.

*Animated sequels/midquels:
The Fox & the Hound 2
Beauty & the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas
The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride
101 Dalmatians 2: Patch's London Adventure
Lady & the Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure
Cinderella 2: Dreams Come True

*Additional top recommendations after catching up on tons thanks to D+!:
Babes in Toyland (gotta love Ed Wynn in everything. xD As well as haunted trees. And the cute town...)
The Black Hole (V.I.N.CENT & Bob! <33)
Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier (Hans Conried! <33)
Davy Crockett & the River Pirates
Flight of the Navigator
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Escape to Witch Mountain; Return to Witch Mountain (um, would I kill for the kids' quarters in the mansion, especially the soda fountain room and the cat's chamber? Most certainly yes. Plus the Winnebago. Museum was a cool set too.)
The Sign of Zorro
Miracle at Midnight

Crimson Wing (Flermerngers er gerd berbs...best Disneynature...& my favorite True Life Adventure was Living Desert. Those were great.)
Justin Morgan Had a Horse
Treasure Island
Gus (great cast...honestly all the animal ones are cute)

The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again x~3
The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin x~}
Belle's Magical World
Candleshoe (so Anastasia-like)
Can of Worms (A few interesting aliens...and Stokey! The dogs who played him & Sledge in Homeward Bound 2 were used often. E.g., Sledge was in You Lucky Dog.)
Million Dollar Duck
Blank Check (LAWL...but the kid had my Mr. Lemon ball!!)
-and many more x-3

The New Adventures of Winne the Pooh
Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers
Goof Troop
Darkwing Duck
Quack Pack
Doug [much better than expected for a variety of reasons, but why is S3 all Quailman whilst "Wah-nah-nah, Jack Bandit" hasn't been mentioned once? Loved Rubbersuit. And ofc Judy, Connie, Roger, Bebe, Chalky, etc...hmm, now what about high school and college, etc.? Or Disney buying Hey Arnold or sumn and moving them forward in time? ;p 🧡💚]
The Emperor's New School
The Little Mermaid
Timon & Pumbaa
The Simpsons ;D
Mickey & the Roadster Racers
Minnie's Bow Toons [Penelope Poodle, adorableness of the bowtique and salon and CUCKOO LOCA'S HOUSE and all whatnot...very cute...also found Pood-walking Poodlady in the Three Caballeros toon xD]
Puppy Dog Pals
The Lion Guard
Fancy Nancy

The Book of Once Upon a Time [seasons ranked: 3>1>2>4. SHANE+DAVID FROM THE UPSIDE-DOWN SHOW FTW. Cute books based on Nemo (pineapplefish!), Minnie, Brave, Frozen, TLM, Cars (neon! needed the delinquent road hazards at least!), fairies, B&tB, Incredibles, etc.]
Nursery Rhymes [best characters used=Cedric, Penelope, Frenchy!, Hissy, Nancy. How very dare they not include Cuckoo Loca with Minnie & Daisy!!!!!!]
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Lego Frozen
Book of Pooh
My Friends Tigger & Pooh
Muppets [Moments]

[Next on the watchlist:
Mickey Mouse Club
Legend of the Three Caballeros
Spin & Marty
Tangled: The Series (FRIEDBORG IS THE BEST)
Adventures of the Gummi Bears (Uhm, what the wow...Tigger's & Garfield's voices comin' from ""Gummi"" bears...I enjoy Sunni's & Cubbi's colors, relate to Gruffi. x3 And Calla. And ship Banethorn...lul)

Society Dog Show
Boat Builders
Food for Feudin'
Mickey's Trailer
Mail Dog
Mickey's Birthday Party
Trailer Horn
Simple Things
Pluto's Christmas Tree
Lonesome Ghosts
Chef Donald
Santa's Workshop
Ferdinand the Bull
Knick Knack

Radiator Springs 500 1/2
One Man Band

(Most all are awesome [
Pluto ones in particular!], including all the ones I own that aren't there. ^3^)

*Oh, and pretty much all the National Geographic stuff is great. ^3^

Basically, I started by organizing in order to expedite my Disney catch-up...and discovered loads of loveliness in here


12/14/19: Just watched the "One Day at Disney" stuff and:

-My favorite animal featured was the southern stingray--SUCH A GOOD GIRL, just lying there totally chill on them and then flipping over like she knows the drill. What a well-mannered sea pancake. Now how do you become a Disney attraction maintenance scuba-diver?? I've taken scuba lessons...and I once similarly wondered who maintained the big aquarium at Cabela's...:/
-I liked this...doggy/kitty thing...on the illustrator lady's shelf and wish to see it without the obstructions...

Also, Forky is frickin' hiLARious asking his questions.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Pood's Dark Materials/My Dumb Fabric/G8 Pokemon

Just replaced MLP in the DVR with His Dark Materials...*sniff* Pretty cool so far. Never read the books but have enjoyed getting filled in on the backstory and lore, particularly the awesome concept of the daemon. (Yeah yeah yeah, show me talking animals and I'm in, pretty much...)
Okay, so *hoping* that in Pullmanverse my daemon would settle as one of my two favorite types of animal, to which I feel the deepest spiritual connection...then I'd wind up with either a dog or a fish (including rays and sharks as choices...possibly other aquatic creatures, but I guess, just say tropical fish.) BUT evidently a fish would require you to constantly tow around a tub of water, sooooo...I suppose aquatic or amphibious daemons would actually be rare and somewhat unlucky to have? You'd need to remain near a suitable body/container of water at all times, which could be tricky, heh. And they'd probably need surface to speak to you. So that sort of eliminates tons of options, buuuut, anything that helps narrow down is okay, right? As I was figuring the other day (at the bottom)...I could crossover and have a fishy Patronus, right?? ^^' Aaaanyway.
Obviously my ideal situation then would be a dog of a favorite breed (preferably Saluki, the eternal easy #1.) Apparently a lot of servants have dog daemons--oooh, how stereotypical, because doggos are obedient and subservient, right? Harr. They're also the most diverse species on any planet. ;p Clearly I identify with the more independent and feline-esque of canines--ones sophisticated, intelligent, elegant, graceful, dignified. Who choose to bestow their undying loyalty and infinite devotion upon only the worthiest. Whose love is ultra-special because it is earned rather than automatically given. ;p
So, yeah. I dig this concept. It's basically your classic dream talking animal companion, only it's an actual inherent part of you at the same time......
Evidently people don't always get their preferences (e.g., somebody who wants, say, a lion, and gets, say, a Poodle.) Wait, say WHAT now?!?! A magnificent, glorious, noble, brilliant, athletic, fuckin' badass Caniche would be a tremendous honor and thrill...! The fiercest and most fearsome Pood laughs at the ridiculous notion of disappointment. That's a hot one. 

Very very surprised to see that daemons are usually of the opposite sex from their people. Same-sex ones can indicate that the person is possessed of "second sight," or is homosexual? xD Well, the former could certainly apply if that were my case. Now, show me all the folks with elephants, giraffes, hippos, rhinos...how convenient that must be. x-3 How do they stick near enough to you? What about those with heavy, slow daemons they can't carry or drag if they have to run from danger? Wouldn't such people be relatively easy to kill (especially since killing a daemon kills the person?) #pondering 


Based on my first viewings of the Gen-VIII Sword/Shield Pokemon...I attempted ranking my favorite...almost half.
  1. Galarian Ponyta
  2. Galarian Rapidash
  3. Boltund
  4. Barraskewda
  5. Arrokuda
  6. Eiscue
  7. Alcremie
  8. Centiskorch
  9. Sizzlipede
  10. Falinks
  11. Frosmoth
  12. Snom
  13. Zacian
  14. Zamazenta
  15. Obstagoon
  16. Galarian Linoone
  17. Appletun
  18. Flapple
  19. Applin
  20. Toxtricity
  21. Gossifleur
  22. Grapploct
  23. Clobbopus
  24. Pincurchin
  25. Thievul
  26. Nickit
  27. Silicobra
  28. Sandaconda
  29. Cursola [/Galarian Corsola]
  30. Sinistea
  31. Polteageist
  32. Milcery
  33. Runerigus
  34. Inteleon
  35. Drizzile
  36. Stonjourner
  37. Galarian Stunfisk
  38. Galarian Weezing

*The "hat" trio immediately brought to mind one of my favorite Fripples for some reason (the sorta conical one with the diagonal stripes and sombrero. xD)

Lots of pretty cool/cute ones, color combos, design elements...to round out the top 40/half, who would I add? Eternatus? Cufant? Cinderace? 'Tis tough.

Friday, November 1, 2019

| linkage |

Had just gathered up some recent photo ones to link to IG bc hooooomfg. So much. So many.
5.    TINYURL.COM/y734jr38 {Other Photobuckets: Ikulas, Mintgreenmermaid, Veggielomein, Producer_love, MissLaFleur, BellaAndBebe, Chasethestars}
7.    29th b'day #pressies [idk why that one was tough to find] 

8.    https://tinyurl.com/IkulasPBrecent
13.   https://tinyurl.com/IkulasFallin2o15on, https://tinyurl.com/ikulasMiscDogs, ALL DOGGY-INCLUSIVE ALBUMS WHICH IS SOOOOO MANY ESP. IN IKULAS, JUST 1000S OF BEAUTEOUS WOOF-WOOF PIX ;-;
15.  sassysaluki.tumblr.com
16.   OH OH OH, my Hungarian friend visited from 1/26/18-2/3/18, and this video (in the personal-vids playlist) https://youtu.be/8ZXgWnvUNHg contains my photos+video from that week: Jenkinson’s Aquarium, fish, rays, jellies, sharks, crustaceans, penguins, harbor seal, turtles/tortoises, toads, Point Pleasant beach & boardwalk, my amaaaaazing souvenirs and purchases, Goombas, Balto statue, Josef Albers exhibit at the Guggenheim, fave beach houses, plushes/key chains, Top of the Rock (view of all NYC.)
^ I've asked them so many gdmf times to allow you to just have one link to the entire drive, but so far the common-sense request has fallen on deaf & dumb ears...also, I found that Imageshack & especially Microsoft OneDrive are virtually the same identical thing. [additional note to self: acct info for those in georgette notebook. first pics for ig

*Oh, and naturally the Lisa Frank linkage <3

Sunday, October 27, 2019

My Little Series Finale

Wow. So. 9 years of pony and all the attendant memories and experiences just ended...TV trouble made me late in watching the final three episodes. Which are among the best of the series--a most welcome finale following those bottom-of-the-barrel last three episodes of a certain series I had to suffer in April. -_- Pones beat Thrones, whodathunk? Equesteros trampled Westeros. xD End of an era indeed. It hit harder and got me more nostalgic than I was expecting or prepared to feel atm. Good stuff, though. The two-parter made the stakes seem seriously high despite the knowledge that the power of pony palship would prevail and nopony would get murderized. Good show, DisQord. And the final one, well...*sniff* Feels. Like I needed 'em after the very similar Arthur episode that was on the other day, where LaDonna's move mirrored Twilight's.

So weird seeing giant-size Twilight with the ever-flowing, ethereal queenly-princess hair. And buff grown-up Spike. o.O Sooo, wait a sec. This means Twilight is gonna outlive everypony else? What's the lifespan of one of these uber-princesses? Surely Silver Shoals isn't just the Equestrian version of Shady Pines? Pinkie apparently married and had a foal with Cheese. What about everypony else? (Rainbow & Soarin'? Twilight & Flash? Rarity &...Idk, did she ever find herself a "prince?" What about Applejack and Fluttershy? Just wondering. I myself have no desire for marriage or kids, yet somehow I do love pairing up characters and envisioning offspring. xD It certainly isn't necessary, though.) Guessing from the undereye lines and grey in certain manes that the mane six (save for Twi?) are supposed to be in the equivalent of their 50s/60s in this future with Luster Dawn (oooooh, her hair PERDY.) Not yet the 70s/80s/90s of a Granny Smith-style pony. Speaking of whom...they must have passed on by that point. ;.;

Anyway, I loved pausing to see who all featured in the series finale, or at least were pictured behind the mane six in the end. Highlights weerrre...
-Starlight's role was awesome; she kicked flank. And Trixie. :3
-Lemon Hearts! (Twi, why were you confused? You know her...she's one of your old Ponyville friends...)
-Sandbar's family looks cool. The dreadlocked surfer dad especially. xD Although, I do have to ask...Sandbar...did you...move in with Yona in the future? As in like, a couple? I'm sorry, I just...A, how does that interspecies stuff even work, and B...I didn't ship it when he asked her to the dance. They're friends and it's great, but I just can't see that. And I mean, of all the pretty ponies, Sandy...! [Even though we don’t really know others we can be sure are comfortably close to your own age, which must be...early college-ish? Just graduated high school and majoring in, ughhh, friendship? Wtf, really, Twi. Neighsay was so right to say “neigh” to this dumb idea, but it’s Equestria and here we are.] Sounds shallow, I know, but really, of all ponies or creatures...:/ The Young Six were all cool throughout the episodes though.
-Anywho. Speaking of SHIPPING...put Neighsay with Snapdragon, 'cause she's my ponysona, baby. >;3
-And PLEASE tell me Maud & Mudbriar had kids. ;_; Equestria needs little thems for sure. x3 Maud is tied with Limestone for Best Pie.
-Love the preeeeeetty curly-haired Pegasus who was leading them ("Cotton Sky?" Might not be official, but...) Nice to see that she and "Winter Lotus" (perdy earth pone) are actually friends. Also liked Miss "You-Better-Fix-This" and other angry earth ponies. x->
-Fleur de Lis & Sassy Saddles!
-Was Firelight there or did I imagine it? I know Stellar Flare was.
-Flim & Flam, fightin' with the good guys! ^o^ :'}
-Gordon Ramsay pony when Big Mac was dropping off the second box
-Coloratura "Ra-Ra!" Cherry Jubilee! Pear Butter, Vapor Trail, Stygian & the Pillars, Big Bucks, Hoity-Toity!
-NEEDED MORE SUNSET SHIMMER...she was briefly glimpsed behind Twilight at the end of the final song, but they made that backdrop so difficult to see anyway.
-Twist...but OMFG, WTFH, THAT IS NOOOOT WHAT TWIST LOOKS LIKE AS A MARE. This is my biggest gripe. Just because she was a bit taller and leaner (and more elegant :p) than the other fillies doesn't mean she's destined to have a more awkward shape like that. #dafuq She'd basically look like my ponysona--same bright curly red hair, way better than it was drawn in the finale. Replace her with the real mare-Twist right now; that's an order.
-Lyra Heartstrings, all the usual Ponyville residents...the floral trio, Strawberry Sunrise, Cherry Berry...Moondancer, Tempest Shadow, the various factions (Ember & the dragons [Fume! :D Cinders!], hippogriff/seaponies, etc. Featherweight and lots of relatives & friends from all throughout the series; the mane six's families (just the main Apples and no Oranges though, sob...gotta love Peachy Sweet, Apple Brown Betty, Apple Split, Jonagold, Aunt Orange, Lady Justice, etc...)
-Doc Top (no Post Haste or Nursery Rhyme)
-Spitfire & the Wonderbolts & other Pegasi ofc (Fleetfoot, Cloud Kicker, etc.) Quibble Pants w/ Clear Sky & Wind Sprint.
-Sweetie Belle actually looks the best of the CMC as an adult (she was always my third-fave. She's still cool.)

Shame, though, that so many of the beautiful blind-bag and brushable ponies never made it into the show (or even a bloody comic) for a single wee barely-there cameo. I have loads of approximately organized/ranked images of all of them on Pinterest. (Bloody grand idear: Let's do a future film using as many as possible for characters. I volunteer as Feathermay!)
And speaking of the comics, they included some pretty awesome characters themselves (e.g., AURORA MUFFIN, Cauldron Bubbles, Gilded Lily, Thestra, Rhoda Ruby, Goldcap, Pumpkin Twizzle, Java Bolt...)

Who else would I have most hoped to see pop up in the end, but I don't believe did?
Lightning Dust. Other Equestria Girls characters (the Dazzlings, Crystal Prep girls & Cinch, Gloriosa, Juniper, Timber...esp. Adagio, Aria, Lemon Zest, Sour-Sweet, Sugarcoat!) Cloudchaser/Stormwalker & Flitter. Harshwhinny. Prim Hemline (First Folio & one of Scoots' cool aunts reminded me of her in the face.) Buttonbelle (good twin of Suri.) Photo Finish. Torch Song. Pretzel. Coconut Cream (who is apparently the pastel magenta/green/yellow-haired daughter of the neon fuchsia/lime/yellow-haired Coconut Cream.) Fire Flare. Lighthoof & Shimmy Shake. Sans Smirk. Silver Shill. Blossomforth. All "new favorite characters" marked in blog from recent seasons; bowling/80s/Crystal ponies, delegates, Manehattan residents/boutique customers & employees/Photo Finish or spa assistants, Golden Harvest/Carrot Top/other fave Ponyville residents...guess that'd cover it pretty well. xD

...and now the DVR is replaying the show from the beginning. It's on Look Before You Sleep. x3

Oh right, S9 fave episodes:
The first 2+last 3!
Between Dark and Dawn
Student Counsel
The Summer Sun Setback (Love ya, Chrysalis...xD)
Growing Up Is Hard to Do
Sweet and Smoky

And least, probably: A Trivial Pursuit, She's All Yak, & The Last Crusade in a way

Oh damn, the pony creator V. 3 is gone! Wanted to design what Twist-a-Loo actually looks like as a mare...which is a lot like Snapdragon/me as an earth pony in her ivory/eggshell color. Because of course the curly-redhead was lean and leggy and svelte while her classmates were still short and squat and dumpy. She’ll be a gorge adult, not this “hurrdy-durr, gangly nerd” look. -_- 

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Calendarmania II

 That time o' year again...to list out all the favorites & decide on next year's.
  3. Vintage Pinball
  4. Blue Dog
  5. Lucy
  6. Aimee Stewart (new favorite artist, omfg <33)
  7. Colorful Confections (Peeps+jelly beans, candy, macarons, bonbons, cookies, doughnuts, sherbet, rainbow cake, rw&b popsicles, etc.)
  8. Encyclopedia of Rainbows (doughnuts, macarons, polished stones, phones, etc.)
  9. Mushrooms/Funghi (x3)
  10. Balloon Text (VideoSmarts vibes)
  11. Mermaids (esp. clownfish mermaid + ones w/ sea dragons)
  12. Succulents
  13. Cactus
  14. Desert in Bloom
  15. Sit Stay Selfie (Bedlington + Italian Greyhound)
  16. Dynasties (African Wild Doggos)
  17. Avanti Dogs (Toy Pood reindogs)
  18. Tropical Fish, Coral Reef, Exotic Ocean
  19. Shark Week (Horn, nurse, zebra labeled as leopard--disgusting!!)
  20. WAYNE THIEBAUD <3 (reminds me a bit of my old favorite Ralph Goings)
  21. Master of Illusion (Rob Gonsalves)
  22. Surrealscapes (Yerka Jacek)
  23. Crump (Matt; pretty photos)
  24. Arcimboldo/i, Bosch, Dali, Kinkade, Terry Redlin, Nelson Stocks
  25. Tiny Houses
  26. Travel Trailers
  27. Hot Rod (classic diners, gas stations, drive-ins <3)
  28. Cruisin' & Chrome
  29. Route 66/Diners [also easel Diners]
  30. Bungalows
  31. Mid-Century Modern
  32. Suguaros
  33. Southwest Wildlife
  34. Super Mario
  35. Tulips
  36. Sexy kilt dudes
  37. Plant Life, Crazy Plant Lady
  38. "Wall Art" (mushrooms, trees, fruit+cheese)
  39. Art Forms in Nature, Curiosities
  40. "Pooch"
  41. Poodles, Greyhounds, Whippets, Iggies
  42. Exquisite Creatures (fish, urchins, brittlestars...)
  43. Frogs
  44. Fruit
  45. Spirit Guides, Spellbound, Strangeling, Steampunk, Alchemy, Celestial Journeys, Dragon Witches, Stokes' Dragons, fairy/faerie shit, Gothic Art, Haunted Realm
  46. Elvis, John Wayne, Johnny Cash, Beatles
  47. Friesians
  48. Little Mermaid, Frozen II, Lion King
  49. Simpsons
  50. Popeye
  51. Peanuts/cocks
  52. Seuss
  53. MST3K
  54. Man Up xD
  55. Patisserie (smackarons), Cupcakes
  56. Crayola
  57. Nuns Having Fun
  58. "Barbarian" (butterflyfish/fruit/toucan art)
  59. VW Buses/Beetles
  60. Teddy Bears
  61. Lionel
  62. Future Vintage
  63. Killer Flamingos
  64. Loons
  65. Wondrous Workings of Planet Earth
  66. "Road Home," "Country Welcome/Walk," "Hometown"
  67. Remote Locations
  68. Livin' Aloha
  69. Gardens, Waterfalls, Geometrics, Galaxy of Stars (reminded me of that one elementary school dream...)
  70. Enchanted Pathways, Deep Forest, farmer's market shit
  71. Grumpy Cat (=ME), "Fuck This Shit," Fauxspirations, Anti-Affirmations (365)
  72. "Mind Your Own Dam Business" (cartoons)
  73. Saved By the Bell
  74. Dachshunds, Schnauzers, Pomeranians, Wire Fox Terriers, Scotties, etc.
  75. Pokemon (but there's only the one month w/ clipart Umbeon & Espeon, so no way)
Page-a-Day: Chuck Norris (also wall), Shakespearean Insults, Game of Thrones, Year of Animation, People of Wal*Mart (<3! XDD), Dogs (x2), Garfield

...etc., etc. 8-3

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Fave Poképatterns

For some time now I've been requesting that Nintendo allow you to customize a Pokemon pattern (by selecting your 100, 200, 300, whatever, favorites) for printing onto products. This isn't that, but...it's closer than anything else that's ever been and feels more like something I would have dreamed up than something that actually exists. But there 'tis.

I'll just insert Pic1/Row4 below Pic4/Row3 to make Pic4 equal. :3 They'd be sideways, but still look rad in the Eeveelution lanyard.

Krabby, Venomoth, Seaking, Goldeen, Ponyta, Venonat, Kingler, Cloyster, Shellder, Sandshrew (Slash is cool but too abstract, like Dugtrio and others...I way prefer the ones that explicitly depict the Pokemon as they actually appear...Ninetales' is disappointing...), Slowbro+Psyduck (bc of Alolan Exeggutor XD)

To attempt to narrow to 6...it probably makes sense to knock the Eeveelutions out, actually, despite being such favorite Pokemon, since I already have them on a ton of things (depicted much larger and more clearly/realistically than in these patterns anyway. Key chain, hair bow, bag, lanyard, button, pants, glass, stickers, figures, plush Jolteon (Electra)...the water bottle that unfortunately got uncleanably icky as all water bottles do...)