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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2: "A KNIGHT OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS" {Initial Reactions}

Okay, I thought Dany & Jaime would address that he was right to kill her father, but whatever, it all worked out. :p The things we do for love, Highmay (which is how my computer and phone both pronounce his name for some weird reason??) Knew Brienne would be vouching for him. All rise for the honorable Highmay!

Uh oh, Tyrion could be in hot water. Dammit boi. Dany was counting on those Lannister troops, and all you get is the singlehanded one. But good ol' Jorah of all people comes to his aid, appealing to Dany's forgiving side. I assume Varys would concur--but where the heck did he get to after the first scene?!?! We haven't gotten nearly enough of him yet!! It'll be coming in due time. Evidently he'll be with the crypt ("safe?") people when the fighting getting him out of his robes and into some armor and showing him how to wield a weapon, eh? I mean, I do want him to be safe. Still would've been good to have him with the fireside chat group later on. He and Jorah would both be good hands; Dany has kind of an embarrassment of riches. Anyhow. So. Gendry's the one to whom Arya speaks her trailer line...and also loses her virginity later, awww. Sweet. x-3 "I'm not the Red Woman." *whips off face revealing Mel* XD But that's also later.

Bran has transcended anger and is now dropping lines like, "How do you know there's going to be an afterwards?" X_X Good point; there may well not be. That was a good scene with Jaime, who had another good one with Tyrion. Who believes the northerners will eventually see Dany for what she is and come around to the new queen. Indeed. Hopefully. Cersei's pregnancy apparently isn't fake, although she could still miscarry, or have already done so. She uses the truth to tell lies--ha, that's for sure. There were too many great conversations and touching moments before the inevitable bloodbath. ;; *drags cigarette* "We're all gonna die." *flicks butt*
Good plan to go kill Cersei as a wight, though. But tbh I might prefer Jaime or Arya getting to do that. Oh hell, it'd be great any old way. ANYone can do it! Tyrion's fantasy would be swell.

I don't know how much I envy Brienne's situation. If I had to choose between Tormund and Jaime, man...xDD #jelly I'll take her man sandwich.
Not that there's much time for romance, or improving at swordplay, or anything else. Unlike the premiere, we now feel the sense of urgency and are witnessing appropriate preparations underway. Conscription's going on. There's very little time left, and a growing sense of unity.
Never trust Cersei! Dany tries to befriend Sansa and find common ground, which very nearly works...yes, Sans, you should have thanked her earlier. But because you're still holding firmly to northern independence and Dany still seems unwilling to bend on wasn't a wholly successful meeting. Idk. Dany may have to mull things over and become a bit more flexible. She definitely got agitated there; the lightheartedness drained sharply. (And I mean, seeking the throne is not the *only* goal she's ever known...there's the whole home/family/belonging/house-with-the-red-door thing as well...:/)
"Someone taller"--so like, you could be referring to anyone but Tyrion? ;p
Then Theon shows up! And he's gonna guard Bran. There is entirely too much "awww"ing this ep; they're setting us up for a fall, fer sure. People gonna die horribly next week. ><
Gilly! I feel kinda bad admitting that I was most curious to see whether her weight gain was post-filming or not, and obviously not, but it doesn't affect the story. If anything it's cute that couples can begin to take after one another. ^^ Guess Sam's just been feeding her exceedingly well or something.

Now we're strategizing...the NK wants to erase mankind...yeah, sounds like him.
Racist northerners confirmed, lol. Or xenophobic at any rate. Poor Missy. But Naath (NARF!) really needs to learn to friggin protect itself. :p Ha, I'd be the Unsullied in that relationship.
Sam was great this ep, making his Sam-face the whole time. xD The last of the Night's Watch, damn. That trio (with Ghost back by Jon's side, just standing there being budget-friendly) had some hilarious dialog. Sassy Sam reminding snarky Edd & still-underestimating Jon of his accomplishments.

Tyrion & Jaime, discussing the perils of self-betterment, are joined by Brienne, Pod, Davos, Tormund.  
"You really think any of us are going to sleep tonight?"--GoT viewers to HBO every damn Sunday

Kingkiller, lol. Think Tormy might be mixing something up. But wow, what an origin story. Not sure the way he drinks from that horn is such a turn-on, but I suppose he makes it work because he's HIM. And ginger. And beautiful. And fortified with giant's milk. And amazing at flirting. This manwich, HONESTLY. It's the perfect setup for my vision of Jaime dying in Brienne's arms, her filling in his pages, and her giving Tormy a chance...>3 And possibly great big world-conquering monster babies. If both of them make it. Torm's already had a coupla very close calls. ;; And it'd suck for her to die so soon after finally being knighted. #Braime #Jaimienne #Tormienne #Briemund
"...but she gives you food and she gives you rest, and she draws you close to her giant breast, and you know things now that you never knew before...not 'til the sky..."--yep, ofc I think "giant breast" and it's Into the Woods straight away
Next up is Arya/Sandor/Beric. Arry acknowledges that the Hound did fight for her. <3 Beric's off the list, yay. (Hope Mel-Mel still is?) Sandor hilariously cuts off his LoL sermon, actually a tad disappointingly. x'} But Arya decides that rather than keep hanging out with those two miserable old shits, she'd prefer to spend her final hours shagging Gendry so they don't die without having consummated the crush. N'aw. #rollinzehay He fulfilled her custom order for an awesome new weapon, and revealed his Bobby-B-bastardness to her. Also that he was a leech virgin before meeting Melisandre. :p ("I wasn't 'with' her..." Don't lie boi, and take your own bloody pants off. XD ;D) Was slightly weird just 'cause Maisie still looks so young/kiddish, but I just had to remind myself of her and Arya's actual ages. Now again, I've always preferred the older gentlemen, but you do you Arya. ;p Ain't no denyin' Gendry's attractiveness. (Not that I've done/wanted to do the sexytimes, but if I were to give it a try...I know the sorts of guys among which I'd wanna choose...)

"I think we might live." Good one, Tyrion!! Lmao.
"Fuck tradition." We stan a non-sexist wildling. "I'd knight you ten times over." 8'-> Be still my cold dead black heart. So Jaime knights her, and Tormund starts applauding, and they toast to her, and oohhhhh goddammit. <333 It's such an effin' beautiful moment. 8*D

Ofc Lyanna M.'s gon' fight. Nice exchange with her cousin Jorah. Least we didn't hear her give him a hard time about his past disgrace. Sam gives him Heartsbane, yet another sweet "awww" moment. Yup, definitely too many of them. Bad sign. This spells doom. "I'll wield it in his name, to guard the realms of men." "I'll see you when it's through. I hope we win." Don't we all, Sammy boy. Well, except those who want the NK or Cersei to win. We don't speak of them. ;pp

Pod sang that loverly sad song so niiiice (and apparently Davos can't sing, teehee.) The montage with Theon & Sansa, Arya & Gendry, Sam & Gilly & Little Sam in the crypts, Grey Worm & Missandei (hmm are they tryna make us ship Sanseon/Theonsa??) was gorge.

Re: Jon & Dany @ Lyanna S.'s now she knows. Understandably she's initially shocked and suspicious. Where's the proof of this claim that comes from Jon's brother and bff? It does make him the last male heir, and he does have a claim to the throne. Would he make that claim? Would he pass it to her? Could they rule together? Would she back down a bit and allow the North to retain its independence or some kind of semi-independence, as she easily did the Iron Islands??? Could it actually turn out to be something of a relief that it's not truly *her duty* to restore the Targaryens, that the weight of the world is more on his shoulders--and he's already accepted because everyone thinks he's a full Westerosi and trusts his leadership?
They could make a great team regardless, as Davos said, but again I think it's a moot point since there's no way in hell they're both seeing the end of the series finale, right?! If both survive all the coming battles it'll be interesting to see what comes of the revelation, should they in fact make it public...but yeah. Reflecting on his life, Jon must be able to feel the truth of it.
It felt, especially on the first watch, as if the writers are trying to (please fake-)foreshadow her turning on Jon/Aegon or some shit, perhaps only to have her make some tremendous sacrifice in the end or something. Ugh, I hope. Don't much care for the single-minded throne obsession thing, and definitely don't want vilification of Dany...
Also, IS she gonna be preggers? That seemed too heavily foreshadowed not to be a thing. Maybe they'll have an heir (hopefully a sane one)...speaking of which, isn't it also irking you guys that you've been unintentionally bonking, and in romantic love with, your aunt/nephew? 'Specially you, Jonny? >p<
Y'all, are, (already) family! <33

Still no sign of Melisandre, though she was referred to. Beric's claim about the Lord of Light and the strategizing scene also sparked my excitement for her return. She'll have to show up and be crucial to all this. I feel as if she's gonna have to interact with a lot of people...most likely candidates being Beric, Sandor, Arya, Varys fo' sho, Bran, Jon, Dany, Davos...I mean pretty much everybody, but them probably the most. Potentially some of the folks at King's Landing too.
Welp, I reckon episode 3'll be the most insane ever. "The dead are already here." "STAND YOUR GROUND!!!!" Preview had shots of so many people--Beric & the Hound, Arya running, Arya w/ Sansa, Sam, Jon, Dany, Tyrion, Jorah, Davos...Viserion? ;-; Dany certainly has a personal vendetta against the NK. B-| Is that Theon with the flaming arrow? And Ser Brienne on the front lines. Meep. Lotta trailer shots though, no surprises/spoilers. Aargh.
Again no deaths this week, not that there was much opportunity for them...but all the deeply touching moments are absolute setup for devastation.

So far I enjoyed the second ep more than the first; it was more satisfying, fulfilling, exciting, just overall stronger. And it seems impossible that at least the third (first of the long'uns and start of the much-hyped "biggest-ever battle!") wouldn't continue that trend. I'm always trying to take stock and account for everyone. Robin & Edmure have yet to turn up. We may see Yara again later on. Bronn's obviously going to show up at some point; to what ends we shall see...and can I still hold out hope for Jaqen, Daario, Meera, Hot Pie?

Also I just spent Easter with relatives who think Beagles are Pugs and our Maltese was a Bichon and Dutch things come from Belgium and I need help. Someone save me. x'3

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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1: "Winterfell" {Initial Reactions}

Title wasn't revealed 'til after it aired? Odd. It's hardly a spoiler. :P =,= Could be that some of the later ones are, so they're just not gonna reveal any ahead of time. Well, the premiere was thrilling and fast-paced but not yet shocking for the most part, thanks to everything that's been pieced together from all the promo material (which was obviously pulled from or referring primarily to it), and also the leak I couldn't resist reading. Crammed a lot in, ticked a lotta boxes

So of course it opens with the arrival of Team Jonerys at Winterfell...Arya's different looks at Jon/Dany, Sandor, Gendry, and the dragons (<3!) were a highlight. Even more so, Varys & Tyrion. XD Forget prequels, give us a spinoff centered around that comedic duo. (It'd have to be set during earlier times, though, as I'm sure both won't survive. Varys in particular is marked for death. I do not look forward to it. I've had a deep fondness for him since Season 1. Criminally underappreciated is he. Adore Tyrion as well.)

"Almost." So Bran's not quite a man grown, and/or not entirely human anymore. ;p His new thing is sitting in the courtyard (tellin' me how I'm such a fool--no wait) staring creepily at people. However, thanks be to him for finally being proactively useful and informing Dany of Viserion's fate, plus the imminence of the threat they're facing.
Dany was exceedingly warm and friendly to a frosty Sansa, as we well been knew. Ugh. Honestly. Stfu, Sansa. Stfu, Lyanna! I've been sick and tired of this bull for weeks knowing it was coming. "Whatever they want." -boom- *SNAP* "Maybe you, Sansa." Mmmmhmmm. I mean, like they were gonna ride their army north with no clue what they intended to eat...?? Whatever they've been eating all along that's rarely been necessary to mention, one presumes? Plus there's no way Sansa was unaware of when and why they were coming; it wasn't sprung on her at the last possible minute, they won't be there all that long before the great battle arrives, and procuring desperately-needed materials and allies was Jon's entire express purpose in having headed south IN THE FIRST GD PLACE...! Fuck did you expect?! What do you want?? Death? Why hasn't their stinking food been discussed all along, why is it suddenly this big deal we're meant to assume they don't have—just to give pissy, petulant Sansa something to whinge about in regard to the thousands of people who are arriving prepared to die defending her home? To hell with her. Istg. Haven't liked her since S1 and the final season isn't shaping up brilliantly for her. She can still turn it around though...but I ain't holding my breath. Phuh. Anyway.

So those who've underestimated Sansa and are dead now...aren't really dead thanks to any especially commendable thing she did and her survival's been mostly on luck and the actions of others, but okay, she's got a point regarding Tyrion's trust in Cersei.
Also probably should've let poor Tyrion know how she was whisked away from KL after the Purple Wedding and wasn't just deliberately leaving him there holding the goblet, looking guilty as sin (not that this particular murder was sinful. ;), instead of helping to defend both their innocence.

That Arya/Jon reunion!! ;W; Beautiful. Same hug with her off the ground. Wonder who told her of his fatal stabbing. (Well, lots of basic information has obviously been communicated offscreen...)
Although, Jon thought it was gonna be like old times, but all of a sudden Arya's defending Sansa instead of commiserating about her. "The smartest person I've ever met?" Yuh-huh, sure. Come on, girl, now you're actin' fulla shite. Let's not talk out our asses. ;p She hasn't earned all this aggrandizement. Arya and Dany SHOULD get along swimmingly if they had more time to get to know one another. And Arya also should know that Jon wouldn't forget his Starkiness (even if it's less than currently thought!)

Now away to King's Landing...Qyburn's like, "The dead have broken through the Wall! ...This is good?"
"Someone cheated." I am seriously commencing to like Euron. xD What an enjoyable villain. He's not boring; you gotta give him that!
Maybe we can guess at Cersei's favorite Disney movie now, because she is severely let down by the lack of elephants. I'm disappointed too, Cers. Nearly felt sorry for her for a minute there. She's still rocking the Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie haircut, clearly to show that her humiliation didn't actually bother her and she in fact digs this look.
Paw Euwan! ;3; His queen's breaking his heart, and his balls--until she decides to play slightly more on the safe side and give him a chance to win her over with his insolent arrogance. Which seems to work. Only, DOES she already (or still) have a "prince" cooking...from Jaime? ;-x (Have they any awareness of the effects of fetal alcohol syndrome?? Did she simply decline to drink with Tyrion last season, but that wasn't meant as a tip-off?)

"DON'T DO IT BRONN. ...He's gonna do it, innee? Or at least try...?" Pretty much what I was saying aloud. Damn! No wonder we "might not like Bronn so much" this season. Had no idea how Marei was going to show up in the first episode, but there ya go. See, Shae, we don't need you around to have funny whores. We can have this trio chatting about the remains or burnt-off eyelids of Lannister boys. Very lulzy scene. Bronn's choke--"which girl?" The one who offered Qyburn her services...might sound gross, and with Pycelle it totally was, but let's be real. Qyburn is a cute-looking, not unattractive older gentleman. ;p He's grateful to Cersei for taking him in and making him Hand, buuuuut I'd like to see him turn on her at some point. :\ Those fookin' Lannisters!! Can Bronn bring himself to kill Tyrion and Jaime in exchange for his desire? Will he maybe not get a chance before the first great battle begins, and wind up having to just fight for his life? *nailbiting*

GO THEON! How did I possibly *not* think it was him entering Yara's prison-room there? He sneaked up on me. The rescue was quick, thought it might be more difficult--but I knew it had to be gotten out of the way early on. Definitely needed to be accomplished by the second ep. So he receives an appropriate thank-you consisting of a sock to the face and then a hand-up. Figures that he wants to head north to aid the Starks in battle. He does owe them. Not entirely sure how we're liking his odds of survival though. Now I suppose Yara will retreat from the story unless/until the main group DOES need the Iron Islands? Maybe she'll turn up again at the end.

Davos has a sensible idea (would be terrific if Jon & Dany weren't related!) A joint rulership between a just woman and an honorable man. Would be kinda nice for a change, eh?
Aw Varys, y'all ain't that old. Which isn't undesirable anyway. I myself have always preferred the elder gents...*ahem* Dany & Jon might well have been fine with this idea, prior to the big revelation coming out. And even will Dany take the news? For so long her driving purpose has been taking the throne that's rightfully hers. To have that torn from under her will undoubtedly be a huge blow. BUT. She loves Jon. Hasn't smiled so much in a long time. Jon doesn't WANT the bloody throne at any rate. I can so easily see him just ceding it to her, and filling some small council position. All this drama bein' for nothin'. ;p

Paw dwagons! Dany casually gets on and does the sexy shoulder thing. Jon's all awkward. And they do the flight from the trailer, where people knew that the riders had been edited out. Aaannnd, that was awesome. Roller coaster! Gimme a mf dragon NOW. I'd ride without a moment's hesitation. One of my greatest wishes is a personal flight device, and a living one would be even cooler.
Could see where that would ruin horses a little. The flight was sort of a genderswapped Whole New World, with a two separate magic carpets (who are daring Aladdin to try anything funny with Jasmine. 'Cause she's their mama. Drogon's staredown!! XDD) Or a Buckbeak 'sperience for Jon. Also, Dany's encouragement conveys that anyone can "pilot" a dragon if said dragon is willing and/or the Targaryen rider expresses the wish for it. You can really see the color and size difference between Drogon and Rhaegal when they land by the pertiful waterfall. I like Rhaegal's green. Nice romantic little moment except for a) the Night King would probably find y'all right quick and b) BRAN TELL HIM ALREADY JFC.
Can't see him being down with having engaged in incest, and while it might still seem like nbd to her (having grown up assuming she'd marry her bro), I think she's sufficiently different from her ancestors that she certainly wouldn't be delighted by it.

The Arya/Gendry shipping pot is being stirred. Her order of a dragonglass weapon made for a cute lil scene. The Hound's got himself a big old obsidian axe now, plus a grudging respect for the "cold little bitch" whom I'm hoping winds up helping/saving him somehow during the battles to come.
*cough Cleganebowl get hype cough cough*
And give the Hound EFC: Every Fucking Chicken.

Fuck that Lord Glover. See, Jon's reasoning...of course he bent the knee out of love and gratitude and respect and admiration. It wasn't purely logical, but seemed the thing for him to do after she lost a dragon rescuing their sorry asses. Yes, she'd just promised that they'd work together to defeat the dead ANYway. But he's still right, if those goat-stubborn boobs would just get it through their thick heads that it doesn't fucking matter who holds what title. You named him king (against his own wishes), and a king has the power to use his own judgment and submit to a queen if it seems like a smart move. Now she's like, 200% committed to you guys. But yes, keep attempting to somehow spin the world's strongest army and two fire-breathing dragons as a raw deal for you. She doesn't have to try and save your ungrateful snotty hides. She’d be fully within her rights to say “fuck y’all,” pack up and peace out to take care of herself, her armies, her pursuit of the throne.
I get the loyalty and tradition and all that, but ffs, this isn't a normal situation, and if you truly trust Jon then you should by extension be at least willing to let his chosen queen earn your trust.Maybe he could have said “Let’s paint a pretty picture of you for the northern lords and THEN I’ll bend the knee with some warning,” but who ever called him the wisest guy around?

Okay okay, we can modify a little bit here. It *is* probably in Dany's own self-interest to link forces with the North and attempt to defeat the AotD before it expands. It's not a normal army; the more people it slaughters, the bigger it gets. So if Dany doesn't want to rule a continent of undead, she would need to focus on eliminating this threat. She could kind of ignore everybody else, commanding and being concerned only with her troops. She could let other people fight and then swoop over to burn the bodies (after practicing those evasive aerial maneuvers and getting some damn armor), and/or try to roast the NK himself.

Daenerys risked all and lost a dragon-child in the process of rescuing Jon & co. beyond the wall. She's put her ambition on hold in the face of mankind's possible annihilation--unlike a certain southern queen whose plan is evidently to just hole up and deal with whatever's left. And if what's left is overwhelming numbers of undead people? I suppose she'd do what she nearly did with Tommen at Blackwater, satisfied simply to have been the last living ass on the fucking throne. Dany could probably head back to Essos and resume ruling there, giving up Westeros for lost...hoping that the AotD would be unable to cross the Narrow Sea, and/or defeatable by the large continent of Essos. But yeah, Jon willingly bent the knee after he already had Dany's pledge to defeat the NK together. That speaks volumes on his feelings for and opinion of her.

In burning the Tarlys, Dany played by a generous version of the traditional rules. Especially at that time she felt pressure to turn the tide and make strides toward securing the throne--and I can't blame her for thinking that playing perfectly by idealistic standards or your own ideal principles and desired rule changes would fail to get you the chance to change anything at all.

Sam and Dany, what was he doing when they arrived, why hadn't he and Jon reunited already? Such a sweet start, but then catch Sam overreacting to the fate of Dickon & Randyll. Pretty much Dickon. (Still can't say that without snickering. Randyll was a cruel, cruel man. Now gimme summa that Kentucky Fried Dickon!) I mean, c'mon my dude. Your dad was one of the biggest pieces of shit in the seven kingdoms, traitorous scum...and Dick was just dumb. Thanks, Dan. It's a shock, to be sure. But now you get to be Lord of Horn Hill! If ya'd like. <:-} Oh wait, unless the maester/NW thing disqualifies you; then Idk, your mum'd be Lady?? Anyhow, didn't think that executing prisoners who refused your reasonable, even generous, offer would be such a sticking point. Then again, maybe for someone like Sam, and it -was- predicted that they'd use that to feed the Jon/Dany split. Guess there's the principle of the matter--Dany didn't know just how big a douchebag Randyll was, and Dickon especially didn't really *deserve* it even though he stupidly chose it for his stupid self. He was the one that couldn't just be laughed off with "At least I'll be allowed home." They were half his family, despite the lack of love on the paternal side. At this moment he discovers that any chance of any sort of resolutions there is gone. Luckily he still has (for now!) the people he cares for most--Gilly, Little Sam, his mom & sis. Gilly didn't make an appearance yet, but she's safe for the moment (and will evidently be in the crypts during the fighting.)

But yeah, hopefully they'll consider Daenerys' position at the time and understand her decision. The Tarlys made their choice. She didn't want to tell Sam, but knew it was the right thing to do. Maybe she can agree to be more willing to take less-than-cooperative prisoners on occasion; Tyrion and Varys would also find that approach more pragmatic. (I mean, they should've told her as much already.) They're going for "historian Sam wonders what a little blip like this could indicate for the future of her reign," which I won't hold against him despite my fear of Dany becoming a mad tyrant being close to nil. I get his upset, but it's as if he forgot everything else he knows of her. And as I've also said a million times, IF Dany does go mad, I would fully expect it to be for reasons beyond her control.

Sooo, that led straight into the big reveal to Jon, finafuckingly. Sam stumbles painfully into the crypt (did they use up their comedy quota for the season in the first episode?! Might've had to.) Dun dun dun, Jon Snow's Aegon Targaryen. Dun dun dun, he's the rightful King of the Seven Kingdoms and heir to the Iron Throne. Dun. Dun. DUN.
Poor Jon kept trying to be all light and fun and friendly with people, but it just wasn't to be. xD;

"I'VE ALWAYS HAD BLUE EYES!" In a very dangerous position over at Last Hearth, Tormund+Beric+Edd and co. give us a horror-movie-style scene. Little Lord Umber's pinned to the wall at the center of a spiral of bloody severed limbs. Mmm. As Tormund speaks, you see the eyes open behind him, and then comes the screeching and Beric has to stab him and the spiral goes up in flames and :O 'Tis a message. But all's that can be said is, the horses better last.
Lastly, mah boi Jaime arrives, hops off his horse, and is immediately locked into the three-eyed raven's stare. But it's generally expected that Bran will dismiss the push as something that was necessary or fated to happen, while certain other people may not do so as easily once/if they learn. He may be referring to Jaime as his "friend" for inadvertently setting him on his path. ;p (Unless Theon is the "old friend?") In any event, next week will surely lead off with Jaime. Apparently Viserys had had plans for the kingslayer--although don't you imagine Dany then shifting her tone, considering what Jaime will have to say for himself and what she knows of Aerys? ;p Jaime's going to be accepted into their forces, clearly. Whatever he's done, they still want/need his help even if the dragonpit-summit truce is over. Same thing with Theon.

They'll learn of Cersei's betrayal, Dany & Sansa will talk...there'll be Arya's "I look forward to seeing this one" quote...sympathetic Dany visiting broody Jon in the crypts, Dany shutting her eyes, all these other shots from the trailer that was mainly the first two eps. So how will everybody react to the Aegon revelation--if it's out, yet, and believed? That oughta be the second ep. But then, it looks as if they'll run out of time and have to start practicing/readying for battle? The Grey Worm/Missandei kiss, Jorah on his horse with Heartsbane (presumably?) Does episode 2 end with a massive arrival-of-the-walkers cliffhanger? Because we know that episode 3 and possibly some of 4 is the kee-razy "Battle of Winterfell," but #3 isn't supposed to be *all* battle, so I didn't expect it to *start* with battle? But we'll have to see how that all plays out."How long do we have before the sun comes up tomorrow?" :@@@
"The sun'll come out, tomorrow..." 
If Dany is going to have a baby, that may have to wait 'til the latter half of the eps.

Were Brienne and Pod even in this one? She was standing behind Sansa in the still of her meeting Daenerys, so she must've been present with no lines, but I didn't even notice her. Sure she'll be vouching for Jaime (along with Tyrion & Bran, likely?) We were supposed to see Edmure and Robin according to that early cast list that was purported to likely be correct, but it was inaccurate since it also indicated Melisandre would be in the premiere. Obviously she and the Night King will be back in #3 at the latest. I suppose Edmure and Robin (with Lord Royce) will turn up at some point, probably briefly. Jaqen, Daario, and Meera also feel like people who could pop in again before it's all said and done. Oh, and it goes without saying we're gonna get some Ghost+Nymeria wolfpack action goin' on.

Anyhoo. We haven't lost anyone yet, but we're only the shortest intro episode into the season. It was bound to be all this table-setting that you could see coming.
The pace is urgent now; there's no more room for anything remotely resembling filler. The threat that's been looming for years is finally bearing down upon them all. I'm thinking that from the third episode on, it'll be almost wholly unpredictable. And thank the Lord of Light those eps will be longer. Let's just erase every other day of the week through the end of May.

"What do dragons eat, anyway?" "McGillicuddys."
  "And gems. Can't forget gems!"--Spike

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GoT S8 Premiere Style (NYC+Belfast!)

EW gallery
EW afterparty 
Variety gallery 
Glamstone clips

Mum & I enjoyed fashion-critiquing the GoT S8 premiere...finally got a chance to jot down the overall impressions.

Les Ladies:

Gwendoline: Okay, so it was pretty much unanimous that Gwen owned this one, serving that big billowy butterfly look. The sheer dress' colors were springy yet subdued, and it looked nice enough just hanging, but then whoosh--that flash factor she loves to rock. Fab. Hair was good, face was good. Solid. We both had the same easily-named top two.
Carice: OH MY GODDESS. An elegant pure-white gown befitting a pure angel. That milky, flowing fabric just yearns to be touched, ugh...and the sort of art deco-esque top & shoulders...mauve clutch, red nails, her fave little rings...mwah! Gorgeous dress for an always-gorgeous lady. The way she stood out recalls Victoria in "Cats." (Not to mention her puffy gold afterparty dress. Or the gorge long blue velvet one with the lace-up boots. Or the peplum suit for the BUILD interview--AH! Gurrrrl, lemme breathe, like damn.) Utter perfection.
Nathalie: I'm all about neon, so I tend to like bold eye-catching colors. And the large layers of poofy ruffles are pretty neat.
Hannah: Style's fairly typical, classic and prom-esque. Okay. Not my fave, except for the lemon-yellow. That's what does it for me. Like a yellow tang. 8D
Emilia: Not feeling the makeup so much; in certain lighting it combined with the top of the dress to create an almost clownish effect. Writing "Leave your door open, I might sleepwalk into your arms" across the top was a rather bizarre choice. Basically what makes it work is the color and the sheer, billowing ruffles (although Gwen's outshone hers.)
Maisie: I like the bottom; the bottom 2/3 is pretty fun. Deserves a better top. Mum's probably right that she and Sophie should switch due to their heights.
Rose: The new red woman. A botanical dress of fronds and fishnet-ish material. Given the description I should love it more than I do. Culturess remarked that it was tablecloth-like; maybe that's it.
Esme: Perdy dress. Doesn't rival some of the aforementioned, but it's good.
Indira: At first I wasn't sure. Like the fuchsia/chocolate color combo. The pants are wide for my taste, but all right. The top's interesting and grew on me somewhat. There seems to be some Indian-style influence to the look or something. Definitely unique.
Sibel: Mm, is noice. She too looked noice.
Natalie: Also nothing too terribly special, but fine. Top's the best bit. All-black and just a bit understated, though not in a way that ends up being one of the standout looks. Hair could've been better. And of course, always always with the :-3 face. xD
Sophie: She always seems to go out of her way to dress "differently"--whether being the only one in a shorter dress, or the only one wearing a sweatshirt and ball cap when everyone else is formal, or doing that bright red blazer/thigh-high black boots thing to a wedding. (I'd have dug that getup, which was not inaccurately dubbed hookerish and inappropriate, for a less proper occasion. Like, shopping or some activity you could dress up for but don't necessarily need to. Candy apple red plus Team Rocket boots--the elements making it work on any level.) Anyway, her premiere dress did little for us (or her.) Struck me as a cheapish-looking prom dress. The skirt was the best part, and it wasn't excellent. The hair and raccoon makeup didn't help too much.

Les dudes:

Conleth: Harder to pick favorite suits than dresses, so I more considered just how they looked overall. And whoohoo, DAT HEDDA HAIR! Okay, I actually find him attractive as chrome-dome Varys, but oh my, that silver. #swoon #immersedinthirst (Actually those tags will apply to quite a number of these men.) Conleth just looked damn good, what can I say? And Mums was in full agreement.
Nikolaj: The subtle floral pattern spruced up what would otherwise be one of the ordinary black tuxes. Good thinking. And I just noticed that that ties in with Gwen's springy floral.
Hafthor: Can't be easy to make clothes for The Mountain, much less dress clothes. Sure, he might still look as if he's gonna Hulk out of his shirt any moment, but they did a nice job crafting something for him that does stand out and look smart and classy.
Kristian: Points for the unique jacket. Very marching-band. I think the animals are horses rather than dragons, but there are way more horses in the show, so. ;p
Liam: Lookin' sharp, Daddio.
Kristofer: This man is Tormund irl. A beautiful ginger with a handkerchief matched to his wife's dress. Looked to be having a fine time.
Iain: Ma pointed out his lack of tie, which I was a bit too distracted by Teh Hansumz to notice.
Pilou: "Impale me like one of your Danish (or Dornish) girls, Euron..."
Richard: The minor variations on basic formal menswear continue, as does the immersion. #ImmersedInThirst
Rory: *howl* Really, the personalities on some of these guys (especially him, Conleth, Kristofer, Liam, Pilou...) just make you want so badly to know them personally.
Charles: #DapperDaddy #FreakiestGrinEver
Sean: Yes.
Kit: Yep. Broody bastard. Even with the shorter curls. And Ma dislikes all the tapered legs, though that doesn't bother me.
John: Cute in a teddy-bear kind of way. There's that trademark quizzical Sam 'spression as always. xD
Daniel: "How YOU doin'? Betcha'd like to know what I done to them hoes."
Joe: Thumbs up.
Alfie: Best Theon's ever looked!
Jacob: Grey Worm in grey. :D
Mark: GODS HE WAS STRONG THEN. YOUR MOTHER WAS A DUMB WHORE WITH A FAT ASS. GO FIND THE BREASTPLATE STRETCHER! Gods, I love Bobby B. Look, the checked blazer and the shirt are unbuttoned, but all that really matters here is him having a blast. And being one of the men in blue. Overall there was an above-average variety of dudewear.
Jack: The Joffs had it goin' on...xDD
Aidan: I liked when he did his little Nat-D sneer-smirk.
George: "Keep jiggling, Peggy, keep jiggling." Just keep swimming. Keep fucking that chicken. Every fucking chicken. EFC. KFC. Kentucky Fuckin' Chicken. The hell was I talking about?
Pedro: Messy hair, dint care.
Petey Dinks: Eh, bit mismatchy. Aiight buttons. 
Jason: Well, he sure does love his blush color. And those big rings. But the casual-looking jacket didn't impress for a red carpet (nor did Lisa...)
Jerome: I can only assume that he threw this patchwork of blues together at the last minute when he heard Lena wasn't going to be there, and thought "Why tf not?" Unless she knew he was going and decided to play sick. Which honestly she very well may have done anyway, since this kind of event isn't exactly her bag. You'd think she truly would have wanted to join the others for the final premiere though--but anyhow. The grey Converse were Bronn-esque in their disregard for fancy-lad stuff. The plaids and solid blue would probably tie together better with dark dress shoes. They're kinda creative. But oy, the sneaks...

And then there's the stage lineup. Height comparisons are fun...although they’d only be totally valid if everyone were shoeless. But still. When I look at this pic, I actually hear not the GoT theme but the tune of "Into the Woods." I see everyone joining hands, bowing, and then turning slightly to extend a hand toward the audience. x’3 Because I’ve watched ITW so many bloody times it’s permanently seared into my memory. (And boy howdy, could Carice be the Witch in that show!) 8D

Also, I see Jonathan Pryce (the High Sparrow!) He must have been very late to the red carpet or something because I’ve only seen a couple shots of him. The absence of people like Wlaschiha, Huisman, or Kendrick could be cause for concern, but I prefer to hope they were kept away deliberately for the sake of surprise...

We HAVE to see Dolorous Edd & Hot Pie again.

Don’t suppose there’s any real significance to the order they’re standing...all I know is there are at least a dozen potential man sandwiches I certainly would not mind being in the center of. Beside one another are the brothers Clegane (get hype...!), Meli & Varys, Sam & Gilly, Brienne & Jaime (get Tormund over there too!), Dany & Jon, the other Stark kids, Missandei & Grey Worm...and the dead guys are on the sides.

Poor Jorah should be closer to Dany. Well, a few people should. Not everybody is next to the character(s) with whom they’re most connected.


...And then on the 12th was the Euro premiere in Belfast.
Smaller and with somewhat more understated outfits for the most part, but still fun.

Poor little Carice was ill again, but thankfully felt well enough in time to attend. She went from solid white in NY to solid black--hair pulled back, with an overall look that gave me "stern professor/headmistress/matriarch" vibes. But adorably, since she's way too damn cute. Her clutch looks exactly like mine, minus the Goofy Movie VHS box print. I don't love the dress/look as much as the NY one, but it's still gorgeous and well-coordinated. The silver earrings and neck/shoulder button thingies, the large belt, the rings, the way the sleeves narrow, the side-gathered ruffles...the way her toes naturally curve to fit perfectly on shoes??? Truly flawless lady who's never less than striking.

Speaking of under-the-weatherness, I still think Lena just didn't want to go, or be in proximity to Jerome. Who's still got something against dress shoes. xD At least the sneakers matched the outfit this time.

Gemma finally made an appearance, in a pretty silky dress with matching clutch and shoes.
Kerry showed up too, in a feathery little black number and cool clear shoes. Shireen has apparently forgiven Melisandre (because honestly, getting burned at the stake by her would be an honor. I'd thank her.)
Nathalie looked nice in bejeweled, single-shouldered black as well. Certainly not my favorite dress, but okay.
Hannah went for a very similar dress in another standout color (royal blue.)
Mophie looked much better this time around. Maisie's dress was prommy and pretty, in a pale orchid color that coordinated with the mauve hair. Sophie's white dress resembles Carice's from NY (though I love the latter much more.) It's definitely more elegant than her black NY one (they traded colors, lol.) Then she apparently changed into a white tee and shiny bright-red pleather pants that look exactly like my shiny bright-red pleather bucket hat and swing jacket. 8D
And Carice served as photographer for people. x'-}

Then there was Ben (Dolorous Eddyyyyy!!) The men's suits were really nothing to write home about this time, just typical, but the abounding handsomeness created eye candy nonetheless. ;p
Conleth, Richard, Liam, Kit, Pilou, John, pinstriped Joe, Jacob, Isaac...most of the guys looked nice in black or navy.

Friday, March 29, 2019

For the nightgown is pink and full of puppers...

Another pink-based "obscure Disney doggos dress" of sorts? How do they know me so well?! :O What is going on here alla sudden...???

Was going to drop the following review but it's already gone from the site, so...even though it was only a new item was instantly on sale...must have been an extremely limited edition that they wanted me to have at a kind and generous discount. +D

Near-perfect sleepwear to accompany my pink Disney Dogs dress—marred only by the baffling omission of the Poodle pair! Lovely to see more obscure and under-appreciated characters and canines finally receive their due, however. Got the small and it fits perfectly, falls above the knee, is very soft & comfy--only it takes a bit to get used to the unusual rolled-up sleeve design. The instinct is to fold it down. It's got those thin clear little straps that can be somewhat annoying but may be good if it doesn't fit well on a particular hanger.

Truly cannot believe they left out the Poodle and her mistress. You've got the Afghan & her artist, the Pug & her partner, the Pekingese & her bike basket, the Lab pup & her wee lass, Anita & Perdita of could you POSSIBLY leave out the posh, sophisticated Pood pair?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
(Actually I shouldn't assume all the dogs are bitches, it just came out that way. xD These are the kinds of cameo-characters who've always interested me, though; I name and build them up into full-fledged characters.) 


 And the 101 Dalmatians Animated Storybook CD-Rom game...what a masterpiece...especially the songs! Especially the breed one. And the dog/owner window-matching game (Snow is definitely the Afghan's sister or sounds in the movie as if her name is "Prissy," so I've always just thought of her as "Priscilla.") Oh, and of course the dogs around town whose voices I'll never forget ("Sweet love of mine, please be mine, I love you so, sweet love of mine..." "Oh, not that bloke again! Can't he take a hint?" And the one who "shouldn't-a ate all those Kanine Krunchies...")  

101 Dalmatians 
Starlight Barking 

Thennnn, there's the pants/cup coordination...I love the Eeveelution group shot on the glass! Especially Glaceon's and Vaporteon's leaping poses. I would have made Umbreon, Espeon, and Leafeon a little more visible, and probably shrunk Jolteon's head a tad while extending its the neon-yellow, leggy specimens. ;) Not my overall favorite illustration, but a cool pose. And it's an awesome decal regardless. Love some of the water bottle poses too, & they're a little more spread out.

More Eeveelutionness~

key chain/hairbow

...hmm...wonder whether Blogger is aware that you can't have any alignment but the default left now...ah well...

Friday, January 11, 2019

Reviewing the World's Greatest-Ever Dress & Clutch

Dooney & Burke "Disney Dogs" from the Disney Store *****

     When this collection popped up, I emitted a series of shrieks and gasps--it seemed to be tailor-made specifically for my dog-loving, Disney-loving self. (I absolutely adored the bags as well, though the only kind of bag I could really use or justify at this point was a clutch, so I went with one of the Oh My Disney VHS ones.) This dress is pinker than I'd normally want, but I don't even care because of how me the pattern is. I couldn't believe my eyes at first and thought, "Okay, chill, it probably just includes the most popular characters, or the one or two main ones from each movie..." But then I looked more carefully, and started zooming in and checking out the closeups. Instantly I knew it was mine. Immediately I planned to wear it to my brother's wedding, which I was then sadly forced to miss...but oh, am I gonna find more perfect occasions for this beauty.
     For reference, I'm about 5'/5"+112 lbs, wearing a small. I like the ruching up top. The only part that wasn't perfectly comfortable was the elastic around the neckline and sleeves; eventually it gets kind of itchy and when it's time to take it off, you're ready to do so. You'll also want someone to secure the back clasp, even if you can manage to get the zipper up and the bow tied yourself. That clasp was hard even without wearing the dress.
     The array of canine (and sort-of/almost canine) characters is extremely impressive. I count 50 featured canine characters (including a few nontraditional dogs such as Zero, Sultan in his footstool form, and even Stitch!) The only one I had a little trouble identifying was Stella, the Bloodhound from The Princess & the Frog. And I had to look up the name of Winston (the Boston Terrier from “Feast.”) *hangs head in shame* Personal favorites include Rita, Georgette, Peg, Persephone, Dinah, Fifi, Chief, Tramp, & Dodger. (Also love Dinah’s butterscotch-colored version from “In Dutch!”) These are tippy-top all-time favorite Disney characters. I do wish that the remaining pound dogs from Lady & the Tramp had been included; that would make it just about perfect. Not sure how they chose Pedro over Boris (my fave!!), Tuffy, & Bull. There's another Bulldog, but there’s also another Chihuahua, so it really should’ve been Boris or Tuffy.
     It was probably wise to rule out anthropomorphic (or for that matter, live-action) canids. The Pixar* situation is a bit odd. And while I certainly love some from sequels/prequels/midquels (e.g., Dixie & the Singin’ Strays of The Fox & the Hound 2, Lil’ Lightning of 101 Dalmatians 2: Patch’s London Adventure, Ruby of Lady & the Tramp: Scamp’s Adventure), they’d probably like to pretend the direct-to-video era never happened (and really can’t be blamed.) *Now I had said that the grouping ruled out Pixar--somehow overlooking the studio behind Dante, Dug, Alpha, Beta, Gamma...eheh. But Slinky Dog then seems rather an odd omission, despite him actually being a toy...and then you've got Buster, Scud, the DunBroch Deerhounds (OH IF ONLY!!!!)...smaller parts, so I guess the rest would have to be in the considerably smaller "Pixar dogs" pattern!
All in all, the greatest dress that currently exists.

...And since I mentioned "the other Dinah" (Pluto's such a ladies dog!)...I've noticed that Fifi's been given a makeover or had a glamour placed on her over the years since her original "Society Dog Show" appearance; it reminds me a tad bit of Strawberry Shortcake's redesign. Not nearly that dramatic, but y'know. Actually, SS is more like Dinah, since there are clearly two girls by that name. =p Fifi's is kinda like, a very slight redesign coupled with the polish/gloss given the princesses...

  • Rita
  • Georgette
  • Peg
  • Persephone
  • Dinah
  • Fifi
  • Chief
  • Tramp
  • Lady
  • Annette/Collette/Danielle
  • Scamp
  • Dodger
  • Sparky
  • Copper
  • DeSoto
  • Roscoe
  • Tito
  • Pedro
  • Jock
  • Trusty
  • Francis
  • Einstein
  • Pluto
  • Dante
  • Nana
  • Dug
  • Pongo
  • Perdita
  • Patch
  • Pongo
  • Thunderbolt
  • Bruno
  • Toby
  • Napoleon
  • Lafayette
  • Stella
  • Colonel
  • Max
  • Percy
  • Bolt
  • Sultan
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Gamma
  • Winston
  • Little Brother
  • Zero
  • Stitch

...and the "Oh My Disney!" VHS clutch! *****
I love VHS tapes; I grew up with them and have hundreds upon hundreds. A large percentage of those are Disney films. So I absolutely HAD to get something from this adorable collection. Went with the clutch, since I'd only ever used my mom's, in my favorite of the movies. It's a bit bigger than I expected, and at first I had a lot of trouble getting it open. (Actually, I still often have trouble. It helps to hold it against yourself; the "front cover" pulls forward without the clasp and eventually you get it, but I wish it were much easier.) There was some black goo that needed to be (mostly) rinsed off with a paper towel, and what remains on the edges is presumably some sort of non-removable glue. Basically, to remove as many marks/smudges/fingerprints as possible, I gave it a good wipedown. The thing is shiny and squishy and amazing, very reminiscent of a VHS case. The interior looks quite capacious but actually only holds a certain number of very thin objects, some of which need to be slid and positioned a certain way (thought I could add more, but then it wouldn't shut.) Ah well. It'll be useful to drop into a shopping tote for trips out, holding the most important cards (including my Elsa Visa ;), sunglasses, pens, cash, coupons, phone, and/or anything else I might be able to fit. There's a central zippered pouch with 3 card slots.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Tsum Tsum Central

I’ve never been a fan of the Tsum Tsums because I like realistic, readily recognizable representations of characters. The only thing about them that might ever have prompted me to get any is the stackability factor (like Funkos left in the boxes...) But I never came into possession of one, even randomly—until Quidd*, that is! 

Digital Tsums rule! =D Favorite ones I’ve currently got in there are Clarice!, Elsa, Randall, ShellieMay, Anna, Lotso, the Peapod, Olaf, Sven, the swaying Pooh stacks & seasonal tree scenes (love all the individuals), Pluto, Goofy, Max, Oswald & Ortensia, and the glowing alien. 
ADDING: HEI HEI/chrome/bronze+CALHOUN+VIOLET x2+ARIEL/SEBASTIAN/FLOUNDER/URSULA+[GENIE] JAFAR+IAGO+SULTAN+[CLOWN] DUMBO. And Ed+2 Pumbaas & Timons! x-} Love the 2 other hyenas although I don't have 'em...
Made a shelfie featuring the faves I had at the time for the Tsum challenge (after it ended, but whateva.)
Anyway, I scrolled through Tsum Tsum Central’s master list & noted all my very favorite characters ever done in the bean form. ('Bout the top 100? Somehow they’re missing most of The Incredibles, though, which must just be due to the relative newness of the sequel. Violet would be my favorite there.)
  1. Rita 
  2. Peg 
  3. Roxanne
  4. Clarice 
  5. Hop Low
  6. Yo-Yo Flamingo
  7. Randall 
  8. ShellieMay
  9. Gill
  10. Dory
  11. Jenny
  12. Charlie 
  13. Marlin
  14. Nemo 
  15. Mr. Ray 
  16. Hank 
  17. Deb 
  18. Mother Gothel 
  19. Merida 
  20. Ariel 
  21. Elsa
  22. Anna
  23. Olaf
  24. Sven
  25. Kristoff 
  26. Megara 
  27. Yzma 
  28. Chien-Po 
  29. Lotso 
  30. Orange Bird 
  31. Copper
  32. Tod
  33. Sparky 
  34. Bianca & Bernard 
  35. Orville 
  36. Three Peas in a Pod 
  37. Fix-It Felix (& Sgt. Calhoun? Well, I've got her in Quidd, anyway. Regular, bronze, & silver. Odd there's not a plush one.)
  38. Anger
  39. Disgust 
  40. Kevin 
  41. Heimlich 
  42. Bing-Bong 
  43. Hei Hei
  44. Ono
  45. Fuli 
  46. Janja 
  47. Rowlf 
  48. Cleo, Monstro 
  49. PotC “Redhead” 
  50. Jackalope
  51. Gelatoni
  52. Duffy 
  53. Jose Carioca+Panchito Pistoles 
  54. Miss Bunny 
  55. Dodger, Oliver, Tito, Einstein, Francis 
  56. Aurora, 3 Good Fairies, Stefan, owl, etc.
  57. Grumpy, Bashful, et. al. 
  58. Zazu, Scar, Ed, Nala, Simba, et. al. [IN QUIDD: SHENZI, BANSAI, & ED!!]
  59. Bagheera, Kaa, Shere Khan, King Louie, et. al. 
  60. Human Lumiere, Cogsworth, Babette, Mrs. Potts, Chip, canine Sultan, et. al. 
  61. Vision 
  62. Groot, Rocket, Yondu, Drax 
  63. Unibearsity: Mint Tea, Apricot, Jam Jam, Souffl√©, Red Berry, Macaron, Whip, Puffy 
  64. Colored vinyl variants (bright red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple ones) 
  65. Everyone else listed in this questionnaire who had one 
 Favorite Tsums from Post-Quidd-Self-Ruination (so, from about 1/21/19 on):

TLK: Hyenas+Scar (& "Elephant Graveyard" versions w/ cliffs+bones; own Ed), Nala (+leaves), Simba (+leaves/blue&green thing), Mufasa (+Pride Rock), Rafiki (+tree), Pumbaa/Timon (+log & grub leaf versions)
Violet Parr+bronze (just miraculously completed the main Incredibles set, yay)
(Genie) Jafar, Iago, Sultan.
Hei Hei (& chrome, bronze) 
(Clown/) Dumbo


Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Started browsing the 5500+ 2019 calendars around the last week of August, I think...finished just now. 56 pages. x_x Virtually everything in existence has a calendar dedicated to it. ;)
And for the second year in a row it's a TOUGH choice. Here be all the favorites...

Vintage Pinball
Lonely Dog
Blue Dog
MOBA (Museum of Bad Art)
365: People of Wal*Mart
I Love Lucy
Craftsman Bungalows
Classic Cruisin' & Chrome
Cabin Country/Life/View
Cacti/Deserts/Succulents (Saguaros)
[Miraculous] Mushrooms

Model Railroad
[dog breed/sea life ones listed separately below] 
Sit Stay Selfie: Goorrrgeous March Saluki!! (& April, Jan, June)
Super Mario: May for Piranha Plant! (& Toad, Bob-omb, Dry Bones...)
NICKELODEON: December group pic w/ Sheena, Rhonda, & Nadine
Upside-Down Dogs: January Greyhound
Pokemon: April for Suicune! (Then August/Xerneas, November/Tornadus...)
Peanuts: Frieda!
NatGeo Photo Arks: flamingos, pangolin, vulture; armadillo, hyena, crab; frog, sea star
No Bad Days: mushroom, cactus, flamingo, pineapple, ice cream art
Treats: German Wirehair...
Yoga Dogs: 2 or 3 cute pics but feels like last year's...

Golden Girls
Kitchen Kitsch

Disney/Pixar (Merida, Dory/Nemo, Incredibles), Disney Villains (Gothel)
Bob Ross  
Fairy Houses
Figure Skating
Feast Your Eyes!
Sweet Treats!
Frutta & Verdura
Farmer's Market
Farm Fresh
Farm to Table
Farmer's Almanac
Gothic Art, Haunted Realm,
Knock @ the Door/magickal faerie mythological stuff

Knowledge of Things
Mixed Greens
Num Noms
Old Hollywood
On Broadway
RHPS (Magenta ;)
Rocks & Minerals
The Road Home
Shark Week (Port Jackson, tasseled wobbegong, etc.)
She Sheds
Someecards (lmfao)
Surrealscapes (Yerka Jacek)
Wyland Visions of the Sea
Wysocki Americana
VW Bus/Campervans & Beetles
Demotivational (ripoff of Despair Inc.)
Cobblestone Way
Tiny Houses


Italian Greyhounds

German Shorthair

McCartney Dogs
Lisa Frank (still pretty much the same thing reprinted yet again but with a few newish images, mainly the giraffes)

Coral Reef
Blue Planet II: Garibaldi, weedy seadragon, cuttlefish, Dumbo octopus
Exotic Oceans: mandarinfish, anemonefish, manta
Under the Sea: clown trigger, maroon clownfish, cuttlefish, nudibranchs, angels/butterflies
Tropical Fish: blue spotted boxfish! (Ostracion meleagris), pink skunk anemonefish, longnose hawkfish, powder blue surgeons, clown, etc.
Tropical Underworld: mandarin, manta, clown, bannerfish, red star, cuttle, powder blue!, yellow-tailed anemones (clarkii maybe?)
WWF Sea: clowns, mantas, morays, seahorse